LUT Rendering in Exposure

Note: The LUT panel was added in Exposure X4.5. Earlier versions do not support LUTs. If you have Exposure X4 and cannot find the LUT panel, go to Help > Check for Updates.

A LUT (Look-Up Table) is a file that describes a color transformation for a photo. Exposure is able to apply .CUBE format LUTs to images, enabling new creative looks. Exposure comes with several factory installed LUTs, but you can add more. Free LUTs are widely available on the Internet. They can also be generated by some photo and video editors. LUTs greatly expand the range of looks you can achieve in Exposure.

One issue to be aware of with LUTs is that the starting color space is not always recorded in the file. Exposure attempts to detect the correct colorspace, but this information isn't always available. If this color space isn’t set correctly, the effect may look different than intended. You can correct this by setting the correct color space in the LUT panel. Most LUTs found on the internet use the sRGB color space.

Set Color Space in the LUT Panel

The LUT panel includes a Color Space adjustment that allows you to correct for this. If the LUT you have chosen gives a different look than expected, try a different Color Space setting.


Set Color Space during Import

You can set the color space when you import a new LUT. If you know the color space the LUT you are importing was created in, set the value here. When you apply this LUT in the future, this value will automatically be chosen.


Change Default Color Space for an Imported LUT

If you have a LUT that you imported in the past, you can change the default color space.

  1. Click Browse and find the LUT you want to change.
  2. Right click and select "Edit Name, Category, or Description".

Set the color space and click OK. When you apply this LUT in the future, this value will automatically be chosen.

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