Syncing Edits Between Computers

Exposure allows you to manage files in a variety of locations both on and off your hard drive. File syncing services like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive provide access to files from any computer they are shared with. This means you can edit images on the road and finish them at home, or collaborate with a colleague.

This article applies to Exposure X and newer versions. Exposure 7 and earlier do not support cloud file sharing, but it is possible to share user presets between multiple computers.

Single user syncing works very well. If you have a laptop and a desktop, or a studio and home computer, you’ll be able to access and edit your images from any of them.

Collaborative syncing allows you to share work with another user. This works well provided two precautions are followed. 

Never work on an image simultaneously on two computers. It will create conflict and edits may not behave as expected. Working in the same folder at the same time is ok provided care is taken not to edit the same file.

Exposure does not provide any access control. If you are outsourcing work to a third party, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are trusted or to take suitable precautions to safeguard your images and edits.

Recommended Syncing Applications

Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive have been thoroughly tested to work with Exposure.

Other Applications

Box and SugarSync are examples of cloud based storage systems that may work but are not officially supported. We recommend testing with a small sample of images to make sure it meets your needs.

Not Recommended

Google Drive and iCloud Drive are not recommended because they do not reliably sync sidecar files.

Setting up File Syncing

Create Sync Folder

Install and configure your cloud syncing service’s desktop application. Please refer to their documentation for more details.

Add files you wish to share to the folder installed by the file syncing service.

Bookmark sync folder in Exposure

Open Exposure.

Locate the Folders panel. By default it is at the upper left.


Click on the Add (+) icon in the Folders bar.

Navigate to the sync folder you wish to bookmark.

Select the sync folder and click Open.

The sync folder is now bookmarked in the Folders list.

Add other computers

Repeat the steps on your other computer(s). You’ll notice that the files you added from the first computer are available here as well.

Edit your images. Edits to files stored in the sync folder will be saved and accessible from all synced computers.

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