Activation Error Codes

Common activation error codes are included in this article. If you receive an error code that is not covered, please contact support. Include your license number and the specific error code you are receiving and we can help resolve the problem.

102 - Incorrect license code for software version

Make sure you are using the correct code for the software version you are activating. The codes are unique to each version. For example, the license code for Exposure 7 will not activate Exposure X. Download and install the appropriate version from the Downloads or Older Installers pages.

You can remove an unwanted program from your computer with these instructions.

103 - Too many activations

The standard license agreement allows activation on up to two computers. If you are moving to a new computer, you need to deactivate the license on the one no longer in use. If you are not able to deactivate the license contact support.  Include your license number and reason the license could not be deactivated. 

105 - License already activated on this computer

This error is usually caused by a cloned hard drive on a second Apple computer, but there can be other causes. Contact support and let them know you have a 105 error. They will reset your code and give you instructions so the license will activate correctly.

-21, -23 - Obsolete license system error

If you receive an error code such as -21, -23, or any other negative number, your plug-in is using an obsolete activation system.

To update the activation system, first uninstall the plug-in from your Mac or Windows computer.

Download and install your software again from this page. Older Installers

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