Filter By Metadata

Exposure allows you to search your metadata to quickly find specific images using the "Filter by metadata" field. Enter the camera make, ISO, or copyright data and only images with metadata that matches your search will be shown.

This article applies to Exposure X2 and later versions. Exposure X and earlier do allow metadata search.

Filter By Metadata

The following fields are searched when you start typing in the "Filter by metadata" field. Example searches for each category are provided.

Metadata Example Searches
File Name Image12345
Copy Name Version6789
File Extension Jpeg, TIF, NEF, psd
Capture Time 3/5/16, March 5 2016
Exposure Time 1/500, 4 s
F-Stop f/2.8, 5.6
ISO ISO 100, iso 200
Focal Length 35, 50mm, 85 mm
Camera Make Canon
Camera Model D7200
Camera Serial 12345XYZ
Lens 50mm, 50, f/1.8, EF85, 18-55, Tokina
Copyright Example Copyright
Name Jane Doe
Address 123 Lane St
Title Example Image
Caption This happened
Edit Time 3/5/16, March 5 2016
Keywords Keyword

Unsearchable Metadata Fields

Some metadata is not searchable using the "Filter by metadata" tool. Flag, Star, and Color can be filtered using their dedicated filter controls.


Clear Filter

To clear the filter you can press the X icon, backspace to clear the search, or use this keyboard shortcut.

Clear filter: Command+O (or Control+O for Windows)

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