Folders panel and Crop tool Missing

If you’re launching Exposure using an app launcher utility and the Folders panel and Crop tool are missing, it’s likely that you have launched Exposure in External Editor mode. Programs such as Alfred, Pathfinder, and LaunchBar can trigger this mode. External Editor mode is designed for use with Lightroom and other photo editors, but isn’t a good fit for app launchers.

You can set Exposure to launch in standalone mode instead, which will allow access to those features, in addition to Exposure’s full non-destructive RAW photo editing capabilities.

Set launch mode preferences

  1. Open Exposure using your desired application.

  2. Open Preferences and go to the General tab.

  3. Locate this message and change the dropdown to your desired setting. 

    Start in Standalone/External Editor mode when launching from [launching program]


Note: The option was added in Exposure X4. If you have an earlier version, try opening by clicking on it in the Applications folder, the dock icon, or just using Spotlight and not a third party program.


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