Useful Shortcut Keys

Here are a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts. These apply to almost all of our products, and can really speed up your workflow once you learn them.

Undo and redo

Don't be afraid to experiment. We have unlimited undo/redo with Command-Z/Y (Mac) or Control-Z/Y (Windows). Try some edits. If you don't like the look, just undo to get back to a good state.

Reset defaults

To get back to the factory defaults, hit Command-R (Mac) or F5 (Windows).

View original image

Hold the spacebar to see your image without our effects applied. I frequently hit spacebar to see how much I am changing my image. Another handy use (in Photoshop too) is to hold spacebar to temporarily switch to the Hand Tool while you are in the Zoom Tool.

Preview navigation: Same as Photoshop

All of our preview navigation buttons are the same as Photoshop. If you know shortcuts in Photoshop to zoom in, zoom out, zoom to 100%, fit to window, etc then you know how to do it in our products.

Browse presets

Many of our products have long lists of presets. Instead of clicking with the mouse, you can use the comma and period keys to move up and down the preset list. They also automatically open the next folder when you get to it.

Keyboard shortcut links

Shortcut keys for all of our products are listed in the links below. 

Exposure X4

Snap Art 4

Blow Up 3

Eye Candy 7

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