General Troubleshooting Steps

There are several troubleshooting steps that we go through on a regular basis when helping customers fix their software. Performing these common steps will resolve a lot of issues that are keeping your software from working. 

1. Uninstall, and re-install

This is one of the most common steps  that we perform and resolves at least 50% of the issues that we see. Here are the articles with instructions on how to uninstall your software from your Mac or Windows computer. 

After you have removed the software from your computer, download the latest version of your software if it is available. If your software has been discontinued or a newer version has been released, it will still be necessary to open a support ticket to have a link provided to you.  

2. Reset the Photoshop preference file

You can Reset your Photoshop preferences either with a keystroke or by manually browsing to the files and then deleting them.  

3. Run the software as a stand alone application (when possible)

For plug-ins prior to Exposure 5, such as Snap Art 3, or Blow Up 3, you can follow these instructions to run the plug-in as a standalone.

Starting with Exposure 5, you can run the program directly from your Applications folder.

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