What camera Raw settings should I use for Exposure?

When you are using Exposure 7 or later as a standalone product, this information isn't necessary. Exposure 7 and later support Raw processing directly. If you are using Exposure in Lightroom or Photoshop, feel free to keep reading.

Our film settings were developed using Raw images processed through Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Lightroom. Depending on your camera and Raw software, the results may vary. Generally, if you use the ACR default setting or Lightroom, your results will come out higher contrast. If you set all the ACR sliders to zero, your results will come out lower contrast. We recommend you try lowering the contrast value for the default setting if you are finding your images are getting too much contrast using Exposure.

We also discourage you from using the "Auto" feature which will adjust the settings on a per image basis. Generally you will get more predictable and attractive results if you always treat your input images the same way.

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